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Dent Disease Foundation Spotlight: Jackson

Hello everybody! My name is Jackson.  I'm fourteen years old and I've known that I have Dent's Disease since I was about 5 years old. When I tell people that I was born with a genetic kidney condition called Dent's disease, they sometimes feel sorry for me and only view the negative side of my diagnosis. But my reply is that knowing I have this kidney condition actually encourages me to learn how to care for my body and how to keep it healthy! I probably know more about my kidneys than most adults, let alone most 14 year-olds; and that knowledge has really helped me live an overall healthier life.  My condition reminds me to drink plenty of water, something that everyone should do.  I also limit my salt intake.  Eating too much salt is a huge problem for most Americans! One might think that I eat yucky bland food with no flavor. On the contrary, I eat really good food! I've learned to cook, too!  Cooking for myself helps me to watch how much salt I consume.  I'm also getting really interested in anatomy. Someday, I might become a surgeon! The past Dent's patient meetings that I have attended have been great! I've been able to meet and talk with doctors, researchers, geneticists, and many more amazing people who want to help me be healthy. And now I'm speaking at the next one in October! I'm really just a normal teen age boy. I love to bug my sisters! I love to ski, fish, backpack and enjoy the great outdoors. I recently hiked Angel's Landing in Zion National Park! I ride ATV's, kayak and rollerblade.  I'm working on my Eagle Scout project.  I also have to mow our lawn! For me, Dent's disease has been of a way to learn more about my body and take care of it better. I'd love to connect and share ideas with others in the Dent community and those with kidney issues...especially other teens!   Find me on Twitter at.. Jax @TheDentedKidney.

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