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Dent Disease Newsletter (August 2019)

Letter from the President

Thank you for signing up for the new Dent Disease Foundation Newsletter! Our foundation is dedicated to raising funds to support research into the causes of this disease so we may halt its progression and find a cure. Educating patients, the medical community and the public; and to promote communication among patients, their families and the medical community. This newsletter is one step of many to create more avenues of communication between families with Dent Disease. 

In 1964 when my father was 28 he was discharged from the U.S. Air Force and was told that his kidneys were leaking protein and would eventually fail.

Eight years later in 1972 they did.  He and my mother both worked full time and were raising 5 children ages 17-7 at the time.

But he had an option. 

The kidney machine, also know as dialysis. A machine that was invented during World War II by Willem Kolff M.D. Because of that machine, good medical care, determination and a good support system he was with us 12 more priceless years.

The old saying that One person can make a difference and everyone should try proves true. Willem Kolff M.D. and those who perfected his invention sure made a difference in my life. My father was one person who surely made a difference in all his children's lives. I am one person who is trying to make a difference in the lives of Dent patients. Another old saying goes that things just don't happen they are made to happen. Willem Kolff M.D. made the first kidney machine out of a laundry tub, sausage casings, an electric motor, and a wooden drum.

He made that happen.

My father and my mother made a good life while running him on a kidney dialysis machine located in our dining room at home three times a week while working full time and raising 5 children. 

It didn't just happen. They made that happen.

I realized when forming this foundation in 2013 that I had an opportunity to make a difference and do my part to make things happen to improve the lives and options for those with Dent disease, like my father and his grandson.

One person can make a difference and everyone should try, please join us so we can make things happen in our mission to improve the lives of those who suffer from Dent.

Sincerely,  Cathy Forrest Dent Disease Foundation President 

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